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that there was at rfk stadium that first year the team got off to a great start. the whole city was captivated by it and they were 19 games over .500 at the midway point with a 5 1/2 game lead over atlanta and faded in 2nd half and played 19 games under .500 wound up in last place and hadn't seen anything close to .500 until this year, until the end of last year when they finished a game under .500. >> reporter: but the beginning of this season folks are saying if they make .500 this season, it will be a really good year. now look. >> they made just about .500 last year and i think everybody thought if they around this team and you knew the personnel and you saw spring training in addition to gio gonzalez with the help of adam laroche who missed all of last year and was never effective in the five weeks or so that he played with the bad shoulder, then they went through all these injuries despite a 14-4 start in the first few weeks of the season. you were without michael morse until june. ryan zimmerman had a bad shoulder. early may jayson werth breaks his wrist against the phillies trying to
in the offseason. >> it was the first time a d.c. baseball team played a playoff game in in city in 79 years and almost 1 -- in this city in 79 years and almost 100 nationals fans tried to scoop up the few remaining standing room only seats. >> what time did you get out here? >> about 20 minutes to 6:00. >> just now calling into work to let them know i'll not be here today. >> i was here for the first opener when they opened the stadium and figured better be here for the first playoff game, too. >> reporter: how much would i have to pay you for that ticket? >> i wouldn't sell it, no. stood out here four hours? i don't think so. >> you cannot pay me enough money to give these tickets. i worked really hard to about get this day off for this game -- to get this day off and i'm going. >> but i'll sell them now. the exact start time is yet to be announced. >> i love the fact that the guy says he could actually call into work and let them know he's just not going to be there. >> and he's on camera saying that. >> absolutely. >>> today's game was played almost exactly 79 years after the last baseb
. >> reporter: it all started with this. >> hip. >> reporter: an article saying the city is not hip and it never will be. ever since on the streets and in some tweets the hipness debate has raged on. first if you think of hip as hipsters. some who organize bar calls. morgan greenbaum is promoting her hometown hipness in the hippest way on twitter. >> so to compare it to other cities is not what i think we should be doing. >> reporter: we reached out to the author. she wasn't available, but in the article she points to one detracting factor, lots of young people here, the would be hip work for the government or the man. >> lobbyists, lawyers, nonprofit people one talking about politics, you know -- people, everyone talking about politics, you know. >> i think they really need to support the arts here. >> reporter: ben was leaning towards d.c. as hip until we read him the definition. >> if we're comparing it to a place as fashion forward as other east coast cities, i think it would be tough to measure up fashionwise. >> reporter: clothes are one thing, nightlife another. hilly poin
. >> and the councilman said that the city will easily collect more money than what they spend on the extra cops and the playoffs. the first game in that park is on october 10. i don't know if they sold out or not. it looks like they will have a standing this. >> yeah, that is worth it. >> i hope that the weather will cooperate then. >> yes, there you go. but that will be the day. >> one of those days. yes, just fantastic. >> a little peckish right now. you cannot oversell that tomorrow in the weekend we'll start out 50. take a look outside. our michael and son weather cam. it is gorgeous. finally some drier air has moved in. we're really going to feel it tonight. temperatures the p -- temperatures want. eventually in the 50s. the winds finally shifted north to northwest at 12. that will also bring in the much more comfortable air as we go through the nighttime hours. even though technically a cold front has gone on through. remember that it is just a wind shift and we have the wind shift, but it will not bed colder tomorrow, still spectacular. speaking of cold though. we're going to go ahead an
for the d.c. government this year, but today the city council moved to reduce the fines that are produced by those tickets. i'll have that story coming up. >>> but first, beyonce may be laying low, but that's all about to change and in a very big way. ♪[ music ] >> we bring a little jelly to the halftime of the super bowl this year. are you ready for this jelly? beyonce will be the halftime performer. a source tells the associated press that a formal announcement is expected tomorrow. you can watch the game and the performance right here on cbs next february. >>> well 12 years ago, the baltimore ravens brought home the super bowl title to charm city and o.j. played a key role in that championship. >> you know his life has taken a different path since then. life after football. for the ravens defender now dealing with a debilitating disease. >> you know the old cheer, defense attack. that's the quarterback. that is what o.j. did during his professional and college football career. he won a super bowl with the ravens and before that, a championship with the baltimore stallions. clearly
in new york city. >>> also ahead, police reveal if their damaged speed camera is the result of an accident or act of revenge. >> but first, after the big win at home against the vikings, the redskins prepare to hit the road. tough challenge against the nfc east rival, new york giants. they are also the super bowl champs. we'll go inside the skins locker room coming up. >>> and now, 9sports with kristen berset. >> redskins are fresh off a big performance by robert griffin, iii, and their first win at home in eight games. they are prepared to open divisional play. the skins are open to regain part of the lead in the tough nfc east. dianne roberts has more on one of the biggest rivalries in football. >> grossman for the end zone, touchdown. >> the redskins and giants have met each other 160 times before. with the giants dominating the all-time theory, 892-# 92-4. that was then and this is now. >> it gives us confidence knowing we can compete with anybody in the league because they won the super bowl last year and we didn't finish this well, but we beat them twice. that giv
. this you don't see every day. it's surveillance video from church's chicken restaurant in kansas city, ken chick -- in kansas city. customers were a bit stunned by the action, nobody hurt, though. you have to wonder if that's a real samurai sword. where would you even get that? >> first of all, their chicken is not that good. >> and there is that. >>> here's a question. what do you get when you combine more than 8,500 lights and roughly 250 channels of computer animation? >> the answer? one heck of a halloween house show. >> welcome gangnam style. gangnam style. gangnam style. >> i've heard enough of that. >> yup, in house was singing. it was created by edwards landing lights, a holiday lights company in leesburg, virginia. i can't even talk and it's already gotten over a million hits on youtube. love the director, love the producer. >> you're going to have to sit down. >>> when we come back, though, the sexiest songs ever. that will wake us up. >> plus what you're missing when you take up one of those popular bridal magazines, just saying. it's coming up. >>> i'm back with the crew, anit
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7